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Captivate Softech has many services to offer. We indulge and excel in all the desired technologies for the applications, thereby enhancing the functionality of our services.



We develop products, according to the client needs, from scratch. Taking care of the conceptualization, design of the product and the actual development of the same, we provide complete service in this domain. Our service extends to the implementation and support for the product in the future.


Software as a Service or SaaS is a model that allows hosting software for a customer on a subscription basis, providing them access for using it in their business. Cloud service can be used for this type of a service.

software services
programming services


Most companies need a database to store the data generated and needed for their businesses. We provide and maintain secure databases using MS SQL Server, My SQL and MongoDB.


Any business needs an interactive and preferably responsive website to reach and serve customers. We provide state of the art websites that will draw customers to the base with the easy, but attractive interface made using AngularJS 1.x, Angular 4, HTML5/CSS3, NodeJS , JavaScript, TypeScript, etc.

website development


We provide software attributing to different business needs and serving a specific functionality defined by the client. Our Application Development Service deals with the development of software that is not only attractive to the sight, but also user friendly to the customer. Application Development involves Cloud Service Applications, Internet/Intranet applications and Standalone applications.

Mobile Development

Our Mobile Applications or Apps provide a lucrative method to reach customers by Captivatinguser needs with a user-friendly interface using IOS (Objective C/Swift), Android (Java/Kotlin), etc.

mobile development
edi development


Electronic Data Interchange or EDI has replaced the use of paper during the exchange of information between businesses. Our team provides solutions based on EDI in various sectors, including healthcare. EDI reduces the time taken for the interchange, decreases human error and gives accurate results.


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