Our team is the pillar that keeps the Captivate Softech standing tall with their excellence and passion for this work. They are a bunch of passionate and energetic individuals and experts who have a large amount of experience in the healthcare industry. We, together, carry a leadership experience of 60 years. We live by a simple rule - Ideas Create, Values Protect.


Our IT Infrastructure is as rigid as our work ethics. We have a completely secure LAN setup, connected to high-end desktops for our developers. Proper maintenance and management of servers is done. We also implement source control for all our projects, making project management easier. Our team is equipped well enough to provide support and work with the on-site team. Also, we use Cloud Computing Services like SaaS (Software as a Service) to utilize various software for our services.

  • lan setupWe have a secured LAN setup
  • High-end desktopsHigh-end desktops for developers
  • Maintain and manage ServersMaintain and manage Servers.
  • on-site teamCompletely equipped to work and support on-site team
  • Source ControlSource Control
  • Cloud Computing ServicesCloud Computing Services –SaaS (Software as a Service)

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  • Captivate Softech Pvt Ltd is an US based IT company, that has been offering professional IT services to many well known big companies.