agile processAgile Process

The agile methodology is used in projects that need and allow continuous iteration in the software development and testing process throughout the software development life cycle.

waterfall methodWaterfall Method

Waterfall methodology is adapted by us in projects that have fixed requirements, with little or no room for iteration later in the software development cycle.

functional point analysisFunctional Point Analysis

It is implemented to analyse the functionality provided by our software to better understand the software functions in a hierarchical display.

prototype methodPrototype Method

We use the prototype method for the projects that come with the challenge of not having any specific requirements for the end product. We develop a prototype model for the client, who in return can build requirements around it.

design reusableDesign Reusable Components

We also design and implement reusable software components that reduce the time and complexity factor for multiple projects, as this method allows the reuse of software components in multiple software.

N-tier ArchitectureN-tier Architecture

N-Tier architecture has presentation, application processing and data-management functions that are physically separated which we use to create flexible and reusable applications.

Custom ProcessCustom Process

Custom process is a method adapted by our team when our customer needs software custom designed for their requirements. We start by gathering all the requirements and understanding the customer’s work process to craft software customized by our client’s vision.


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